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Please find on this page TMSA related items for sale – including TMSA Young Trad Tour CDs
and ‘Wee Red Book’ products. Scroll down to browse.

If you’re looking for instrumental sheet music and/or music books, click here to be taken to the Highland Music Trust website.

Young Trad Tour CDs

(for information about trad tour participants pre 2019 click here and from 2019 onwards click here)

TMSA Young Trad Tour 3-CD BOX SET (inc. postage & packaging)
Any 3 CDs from 2004-11



​​1. Big Set (Drummond Castle | Chuirinn air a’ phìob e | Gobha bh’ ann a Hogha Gearraidh | The Calgary Fiddler’s Welcome to Shetland); 2. Catherine’s Song (Ho rò chan eil cadal orm); 3. Benedict’s Set (Bunker Hill | Devaney’s Goat | McFadden’s Handsome Young Daughters); 4. Luc’s Set (Hamish (the Goalie)); 5. Hannah’s Song (Go and Leave Me); 6. Sarah’s Set (The Beautiful Goldfinch | The Caucus | The Road to Lisdoonvarna); 7. Cameron’s Set (Calum Breugach | The Blue Reel | Tam the Banjo | The Prince of Wales); 8. Helen of Kirkconnell; 9. Ross’s Set (Iain Angus Douglas’s Welcome to the Big Wide World | The Flaggon | Ash City); 10. In Freenship’s Name

TMSA Young Trad Tour 2019 CD (inc. postage & packaging)



1. Alick C. (Back of the Change House |  Steve and Diane of Cheltenham | Alick C MacGregor); 2. Tae the Beggin’; 3. The Dancer’s Delight (Dave Collins’ Jig | Luc’s Jig | The Dancer’s Delight); 4. The Mathematician (The Mathematician | Baby Isle of Ewe); 5. Sunnyside; 6. Woodlands Drive; 7. Strong Women Rule Us All; 8. Jablo’s Set (Josie and Pablo’s Reel | Thursday Night in the Caley); 9. The Rothes Colliery; 10. Picnic in the Sky (Sandy’s Trip to Glasgow | Troy—Finlay MacDonald | The Picnic in the Sky)

TMSA Young Trad Tour 2018 CD (inc. postage & packaging)



1. MJR (Tommy Darky’s Welcome to Raasay | Maili Ceit’s Jig | The Girls at Martinfield); 2. Gura Mise Tha Fo Mhulad; 3. The Trim Controller (My Mind Will Never Be Easy | I Have A House Of My Own With A Chimney Built on the Top of it | She’s a Keeper); 4. The Final Trawl; 5. Dr. MacDonald (Uilleachan, an tig the chaoidh | Dr Donald MacDonald of Alligin); 6. The False Lover Won Back; 7. McKendrick’s (Bromyward | McKendrick’s | Dan Breen’s); 8. Lovely Molly; 9. Polkas (Hose A | Trip to Portarlington | Trip to Dingle); 10. Strathmartine Braes (Strathmartine Braes; Dram Behind the Curtain)

TMSA Young Trad Tour 2017 CD (inc. postage & packaging)



1. Italian Roaster (Italian Roaster | Chaidh Mi Gu Banais Mo Ghaoil | Malcolm’s New Fiddle | Ne’er Shall I Wa’en Her); 2. Shepherd Lad; 3. Beautiful Gortree (Netherbow | Beautiful Gortree); 4. The Eternal Spark; 5. I’ll Lay Ye Doon; 6. The Watch Stone; 7. Fiddle Set (Dornoch Links | The Fashion Of The Lasses | Union Street Session | The Trip To Windsor); 8. Waltzes (The Sneug Water Waltz | South Georgia Whaling Song); 9. Mary Mack (Mary Mack | Dunmore Lasses | The Hangover); 10. MacKavney’s (Mary Mack | Dunmore Lasses | The Hangover)

TMSA Young Trad Tour 2016 CD (inc. postage & packaging)



1. Dh’ èirich Mi Moch Madainn Chèitein; 2. Charlie’s Maid of Honour/Drop Beats; 3. Rattlin’ Roarin’ Willie; 4. Small Pipes Set (The Jewels Of The Ocean | We’re A Case, The Bunch Of Us | Còta Mòr Ealasaid | Dancing Feet); 5. Mark’s Legacy; 6. Yellow On The Broom; 7. Fiddles Set (The Reel With The Birl | Up Da Strood | Devil’s Delight); 8. An Ataireachd Àrd; 9. Uamh An Oir; 10. Puirt à Beul (Bodachan A Ghàrridh | ‘S Iomadh Rud A Chunna Mi | Thoir A-Nall Thugam Ailean); 11. That B&B in Dundee

TMSA Young Trad Tour 2015 CD (inc. postage & packaging)



1. Group Set (Jackson’s Morning Breeze | Ceilidh Polka | Lisnagun | Dashing White Eejit); 2. Johnnie Lad (Johnnie Lad | Lewis Pate ate my Squirrel) 3. Friday the 13th; 4. MSR (Tommy Macdonald of Barguillean | Ghillie Challum | Fèis Inbhir Narainn); 5. Jigs (The Yellow Wattle | Willie Coleman | Bye a While); 6. Bonnie Woodhall; 7. Alex Sandy Skinner Set (Alex Sandy Skinner | Five is Better) 8. A Mhalgag a Bhoirlich Ghil; 9. Braes of Achtertyre (Sabhal Iain ‘icUisdean | Torn Aa, Rippit Aa | Jessie Smith | The Braes of Auchtertyre); 10. Jamie Foyers

TMSA Young Trad Tour 2014 CD (inc. postage & packaging)



1. Paddy’s Jigs (Feed The Ducks | Liam O’Connor’s); 2. Osmosis (Hanelys Tweed | Paddy Finlay’s | Osmosis); 3. Iorram do Dòmhnull Gorm Òg; 4. Ally’s Shrimp (Ally’s Shrimp | Rod Alexander’s | Craigie Dhu); 5. Lullaby for Mel; 6. Fiddle Set (October | O ho Phirearaig | Rounding Malin Head); 7. Planxty Fitzgerald; 8. McKechnie’s (McKechnie’s Farewell | Sonically Justified); 9. Do Da; 10. Mullen Dubh (Mullen Dubh | Knockdhu Reel | The Humors of Tulla | Charles Sutherland)

TMSA Young Trad Tour 2013 CD (inc. postage & packaging)



1. East Wind (Altroskie | East Wind | Nine Pint Coggie | Rodney Miller’s); 2. Cò Siud Thall Air Sràid Na H-Eala; 3. Pipes Set (Dr Ian Macaonghais | Skylark’s Ascension); 4. Calton Weaver; 5. Quine’s Set (Miss Fyfe’s Strathspey | Mrs Forbes or Boharms | Miss Clemintina Stewart’s Jigg | Miss Farquerson of Invercauld’s Jigg); 6. Cumhadh A Bhàird Airson A Leannan; 7. Last Set (Highland Reel | Trip To Market | Full Set Reel); 8. Tail Toddle (Tail Toddie | Man Biodh Agam Giobal | Bodaich | Hùg Oiridh Hiridh Haraidh); 9. Land O The Leal; 10. The Jakey Set (Phil and Marina Anderson Of Springlands | Izzy’s Guide to Jake | Beoga!)

TMSA Young Trad Tour 2011 CD (inc. postage & packaging)



1. Hannah’s (Brose and Butter | Minguito’s); 2. Dan’s (The Marquis of Huntly | Bonnie Aboyne | Bridge of Inver); 3. Lorne’s (Captain Carswell | Andre Macneill’s | Alex Campbell’s Jig); 4. Bothan Àirigh Am Bràigh Raineach; 5. Tor Mhor; 6. Fit Time (Blow My Chanter | The Smiddy) 7. Harp Duo (Michael’s Mazurka); 8. Mairi’s (Lymburn Street Reel | Ninetysix | Simon’s Great Smile | Steph’s Red Shoes); 9. Highland Pipes (Dm Brian Wilson | Don’s Party | The One Pound Pint | Ferry’s Jig)

TMSA Young Trad Tour 2010 CD (inc. postage & packaging)



1. Jack’s No1 (Captain Murdo | The Hand Shaker | Sandy Cameron | Hjelteford | O gin I were a Barons Heir); 2. Lorne’s 6/8 (Bengulion | Miss Caitlin Campbell); 3. Daniel’s Set (Mrs Garden of Troup | Auchterarder VIP | Lady Lauder Dick’s Jigg); 4. Ae Fond Kiss; 5. Ruairidh’s Lead; 6. Tha e nam dhàn gun dean mi luaidh; 7. Mrs Lowe; 8. Kenneth’s Song and Jig (Oran an t-seasganaich | Jerrys Pipe Jig); 9. Daniel’s Lead (Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Stronger); 10. Highland Pipes (Donald, Willie and his Dog | Trip to Hervé | Papa K’s | The Gold Ring); 11. Ruairidh’s Big Set (Glasgow—City of Music | Trip to Vijandi | Duntroon Castle)

TMSA Young Trad Tour 2009 CD (inc. postage & packaging)



1. Opening Set (Gaol Ise, Gaol I | Merrily danced the Quaker’s Wife | Thornton Jig | Beautiful, Short, Lively | Mary Mack | Alasdair Fraser’s Welcome to Cape Brenton); 2. Hornpipes/Jigs (John Daly’s Hornpipe | Brae Eiach | Arlitrach | Old Joe’s Jig); 3. Battle of Waterloo; 4. Steven’s Highland Pipes (9/8 Jig | Armstrong’s | The Plagiarist | Fiona Anne Macdonald); 5. A Chailin Àlainn; 6. Accordion Set (Jim McAlister’s Jig | Just a Jig | The Drunken Parson | The Dashing White Eejit); 7. Harp Solo; 8. Scarecrow Song; 9. James’ Highland Pipes (Cutty’s Wedding | Hey Johnnie | Roddy Macdonald’s Fancy | Smelling Fresh); 10. The Beast (Fiollagan | Duncan the Gauger | Thou has left me ever Jamie | Lumsden’s Rant)

TMSA Young Trad Tour 2008 CD (inc. postage & packaging)



1. Nam Biodh Agum (Man Biodh agum gioball bidaich | Whit ye’s looking funny for? | Hùg Oiridh Hiridh Haraidh); 2. Fiddle Set (Mr Baillie of Mellerston | Hawthorn Tree of Cawdor | The TB Jig); 3. Catriona & Darren (Gleann Bhalie Chaoil | Ae Fond Kiss); 4. Shona’s Set (Kaleidoscope | The New Way to Boden); 5. Flutes & Jigs (Gies a Drink of Water | Tarantella | Kilfenora Jig); 6. Fionnaghal—Puirt; 7. Elmo and The Duck (Elmo lives Downstairs | The Drunken Duck); 8. Calum’s Influential Set (Under the Influence | 3 steps to the Rusty Squash Horn | The Plagiarist | ‘Siomadh ruid a’ chunna mi); 9. Calum’s Flute Set (Aftershock | Étoiles dansla nuit bretonne); 10. Mike Ledgers & Cavers Set (Ledger’s Lines | Cavers of Kirkcudbright); 11. Puirt (Nuair bha mi na mo Mhaighdinn | B’fhear mar a bha mi’n uiridh | Tha Fionnnlagh ag innearadh | Seinn o); 12. Martin’s Slow Air (Ag Taistel a Blάrnan)

TMSA Young Trad Tour 2007 CD (inc. postage & packaging)



1. Encore (Nach danns’ a ministear | The Clumsy Lover | The Buachaillie Dubh Fionnghal | Ruidhle mo nighean donn); 2. Borders Set (Tam’s Auld Love Song | The Devils Beeftub | Geld Him Lassie Geld Him | Ancrum Rant | Duns Dings A | Ancrum Rant); 3. Herring, Harris & Hiccups (Potatoes & Herring | Harris Dance | Rabbit Hiccups); 4. Puirt a Beul / Stepdancing (Sann an Ille | O than tombaca daor | Mic Mhaoilinn a Shaoilinn); 5. Box Set (The Bear Island | The Holly Bush | Fleur de Mandragore | Rodney Miller’s); 6. Thoir mo thoraidh that Ghunnaid; 7. Mary Macdonald in Shetland (Ayowe cam tawi door yarmin | Mary Macdonald | Da black hat | Land ta lea); 8. Reels (Celtic Thunder | Aird Ranters | Trip to Pakistan | John Keith Lang); 9. Whistle Set (Minerva Street | Offensive Doctor Flute Pervert | Unfortuventura); 10. Solus M’aigh; 11. Donald MacLeod’s Set (The Seagull | The Gypsy’s Dance | Glasgow)

TMSA Young Trad Tour 2006 CD (inc. postage & packaging)



1. Set (Bat a Tallieir | Stirling Castle | Sheatadh Cailleach) 2. Stuart and Ali’s Duo (The Rutting | Atholl Cummers | Price of Wales | Angus McGonnagle, The Gargling Argyll Gargoyle); 3. Seanchai; 4. Nighean nan Geug; 5. Mike, Ali & Anna’s Trio (McGoldrick’s | Miss Ramsay of Barton | Princess Beatrice | The Contradiction Reel); 6. Nuair a chí thu caileag bhòidhech; 7. Set (Miss Irene Beldrum’s Welcome to Bon Accord | The Aird Ranters | Hull’s Heel); 8. Set (Alasdair Mhic Cholla Ghasda | Beinn a Cheathaich); 9. Sarah Naylor (Unknown | The Dramshell | The Darling); 10. Rachel Newton (Rung 2 | Lynsey’s Tune); 11. Breisleach; 12. Stuart Cassells (The Terror Time | Fleshmarket Close | The Antrim Thistle | The Mason’s Apron | The Clumsy Lover); 13. Set (The Dornoch Links | Earl Gray | Mac Arthur Road); 14. Set (Fhuair Sinn im as a gleann mhόr | Innis Dhomhsa cάil thu Cadal | Nighean Ruadh Bhan | Beinn Eadarra | Chloe’s Passion | Ciamar a nì mi an dansa direach | The Twisted Brig)

TMSA Young Trad Tour 2005 CD (inc. postage & packaging)



1. Set (The Famous Baravan | Snug in the Blanket | Charlie Hunter’s | Susan Cooper | Far From Home | The High Drive); 2. Mo shùil ad dheidh; 3. Jenna & Hamish’s Duo (Hector the Hero | The Hurricane | Hunters House | The Marquis of Huntly); 4. The Guise o Tough; 5. Hamish & Rosie’s Duo (The Panda | The banks of Loch Gowna | Poon Hill); 6. Sitting in the Stern of a Boat; 7. James & Anna’s Duo (Mo Bhò dhubh mhòr | Gogan a’chinn mhòir | ‘S ioma’ Rud a chunna mi | Nighean na callicge crotaiche crùbaich | Còta mòr Ealasaid | Réiteach); 8. Set (Còta mòr Ealasaid | Réiteach | The Duke of Fife’s | Welcome To Deeside | The Wee Man From Skye | Stella’s Welcome To Kamloops | The Aird Ranters | Hogties); 9. Rosie Morton Solo; 10. Tom & Anna’s Duo (The White Petticoat | Leith Central | MacLeod’s Farewell); 11. Sarah Naylor (The 74th Farewell to Edinburgh | Earl Grey | The Waverly Ball); 12. Jenna, Tom & Hamish (Ray’s Classic March | Ray’s Classic March as Polka | The Finnish | Come Ahead Charlie); 13. My Bonnie Sailor Boy; 14. Hamish & Rosie (Breton Ridee James Kelly’s | Santa Maria); 15. Tom & Anna’s Duo (The Palamino Waltz | Rhona’s Waltz); 16. Group Set (Dili ò iodalam | Sabhal Iain ‘ic Uisdean | Andy Broons | The Easy Club)

TMSA Young Trad Tour 2004 CD (inc. postage & packaging)

101 Scottish Songs/ the ‘Wee Red Book’

For information on the performers featured in the 101 Scottish Songs/Wee Red Book DVDs, click here

101 Scottish Songs/Wee Red Book DVD 1 (inc. postage & packaging)
101 Scottish Songs/Wee Red Book DVD 2 (inc. postage & packaging)
101 Scottish Songs/Wee Red Book DVD 3 (inc. postage & packaging)


101 Scottish Songs/Wee Red Book DVDs 1 2 & 3 (inc. p&p)

101 Scottish Songs/ ‘the Wee Red Book’

You can also purchase this on the Collins website here, or check out your local Visit Scotland iCentre.

101 Scottish Songs/Wee Red Book (inc. p&p)

Songs of Robert Burns

You can also purchase this on the Collins website here, or check out your local Visit Scotland iCentre.

Songs of Robert Burns (inc. p&p)

Tartans and Highland Dress

You can also purchase this on the Collins website here, or check out your local Visit Scotland iCentre.

Tartans and Highland Dress (inc. p&p)

101 Scottish Songs/’Wee Red Book’, Songs of Robert Burns & Tartans and Highland Dress BOX SET

All three Collins 'little' books (inc. p&p)

Other Publications & Products

Come Gie’s a Sang!
The TMSA’s Silver Jubilee Song Book

Edited by Sheila Douglas with Jo Miller with foreword by Hamish Henderson and celebrating the Silver Jubilee of the Traditional Music and Song Association of Scotland, this song book contains 73 traditional unaccompanied songs. Each song has been transcribed from a different singer and contains the verse texts and the melody line.

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90s Collection Tune Book – covering both CDs 1 & 2 – NOW WITH FREE CD!

This book contains 200 new Scottish tunes in traditional style resulting from the TMSA’s 1990s competition. Airs, jigs, marches, pipe tunes, reels, strathspeys, waltzes, hornpipes, polkas and other tunes for fiddlers, pipers, accordionists and harpists. Now accompanied by the CD “The Nineties Collection” from Greentrax Recordings with 46 of the compositions played by: Aly Bain, Ian Hardie, Eilidh Shaw, Kathryn Nicoll, Phil Cunningham, Freeland Barbour, Allan MacDonald, Gordon Duncan, Mary Ann Kennedy, Simon Thoumire, Hamish Moore, Jack Evans, Duncan MacGillivray and Jim Sutherland.

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TMSA 50th Anniversary Badge

Produced in 2016 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the TMSA (founded in 1966).

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